Which Book Comes First Colleen Hoover

Which Book Comes First: Colleen Hoover

Colleen Hoover is a renowned contemporary romance novelist known for her captivating storytelling and emotionally charged novels. Her books have gained a massive following, leaving readers eagerly anticipating her next release. If you are new to her work or simply wondering which book to start with, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will explore the chronological order of Colleen Hoover’s books and provide you with a comprehensive guide to her captivating world of romance.

Chronological Order of Colleen Hoover’s Books

Colleen Hoover has written numerous novels, each with its own unique story and characters. While her books can be read as standalone novels, some of them are interconnected, creating a wider universe for her readers to explore. To fully immerse yourself in her world, it is recommended to follow the chronological order of her books. Here is a list of her novels in the order they were published:

1. “Slammed” (2012): This debut novel introduces readers to Layken, a young girl who moves to a new town with her mother and younger brother after her father passes away. She soon falls in love with her neighbor, Will, but discovers a heartbreaking secret that threatens their relationship.

2. “Point of Retreat” (2012): This is the sequel to “Slammed” and continues the story of Layken and Will as they navigate the challenges of their relationship and face new obstacles.

3. “Hopeless” (2012): In this emotionally charged novel, Sky, a high school student with a mysterious past, falls for a boy named Dean Holder. As their relationship blossoms, dark secrets from their pasts begin to unravel, leading to a shocking revelation.

4. “Losing Hope” (2013): This is the companion novel to “Hopeless” and provides readers with Holder’s perspective on the story. It delves deeper into his past and sheds light on his own struggles and demons.

5. “Finding Cinderella” (2013): This novella is a delightful addition to the series, focusing on Daniel and Six, two intriguing characters from the “Hopeless” series. It provides a heartwarming and humorous story that will leave readers with a smile.

6. “Maybe Someday” (2014): This captivating novel tells the story of Sydney, a college student who discovers her boyfriend’s infidelity. She finds solace in her mysterious neighbor, Ridge, and together they embark on a musical journey that transcends friendship.

7. “Ugly Love” (2014): This emotionally charged novel explores the complicated relationship between Tate and Miles. Their passionate connection is marred by Miles’ dark past and the haunting secrets he harbors.

8. “Confess” (2015): In this gripping story, Auburn Reed meets the enigmatic artist Owen Gentry. As their lives intertwine, they discover the power of truth and the healing that comes from confessions.

9. “November 9” (2015): This novel follows the story of Fallon and Ben, who meet on the same day every year. As they navigate the complexities of their own lives, their connection deepens, leading to unexpected twists and revelations.

10. “It Ends with Us” (2016): In this thought-provoking novel, Lily falls for the charming neurosurgeon Ryle. However, their relationship takes an unexpected turn, forcing Lily to confront her own past and make difficult decisions.

11. “Without Merit” (2017): This novel tells the story of Merit, a teenager burdened by secrets within her dysfunctional family. As she navigates love, forgiveness, and self-discovery, she learns the importance of embracing imperfections.

12. “All Your Perfects” (2018): This heart-wrenching novel explores the complexities of marriage through the eyes of Quinn and Graham. As they face infertility and a crumbling relationship, they must decide if their love is strong enough to survive.

13. “Verity” (2018): A departure from her usual romance novels, “Verity” is a thrilling and suspenseful story about Lowen, a struggling writer who uncovers dark secrets while ghostwriting for the famous author Verity Crawford.

14. “Regretting You” (2019): This emotional rollercoaster delves into the lives of Morgan and Clara, a mother and daughter navigating grief, love, and forgiveness after a tragic loss.


Q1: Can I read Colleen Hoover’s books in any order?

A1: While most of Colleen Hoover’s books can be read as standalone novels, there are a few interconnected stories that are best enjoyed in chronological order. It is recommended to start with “Slammed” and “Hopeless” to fully appreciate the character development and interconnected narratives.

Q2: Are Colleen Hoover’s books suitable for young adult readers?

A2: Colleen Hoover’s books are primarily targeted towards young adult and adult readers. They often deal with mature themes and contain explicit content. It is advisable for younger readers to check the age appropriateness of each book before reading.

Q3: Does Colleen Hoover have any upcoming releases?

A3: Yes, Colleen Hoover continues to captivate readers with her compelling stories. While specific details about upcoming releases may not be available at the time of writing this article, it is always a good idea to stay updated through her official website and social media platforms.

In conclusion, Colleen Hoover’s books offer a captivating blend of romance, emotion, and relatable characters. Whether you are a fan of contemporary romance or looking to delve into her world for the first time, following the chronological order of her books will provide you with a richer reading experience. From heartwarming stories of young love to thought-provoking explorations of complex relationships, Colleen Hoover’s novels are sure to leave a lasting impression on readers.

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