When Does Botm Release New Books

When Does BOTM Release New Books?

Book of the Month (BOTM) is a popular subscription service that offers avid readers a curated selection of new and notable books each month. With a strong focus on contemporary fiction, BOTM is a go-to platform for book lovers who seek to discover their next favorite read. In this article, we will explore the release schedule of new books on BOTM and answer some frequently asked questions about the service.

Release Schedule:

BOTM releases a new selection of books on the first of every month. This means that subscribers can expect to see fresh titles added to the platform’s offerings at the beginning of each month. The selection consists of carefully chosen books across different genres, including literary fiction, suspense, memoirs, and more.

The BOTM team reads hundreds of books to curate a shortlist, from which members can choose their monthly selection. Each month, five books are featured as the main selections, and members can pick one of these books to be included in their subscription box. Additionally, members have the option to add-on extra titles for a small fee.

The books offered by BOTM are often pre-release editions, meaning subscribers have the opportunity to read and enjoy new releases before they hit the shelves. This is particularly appealing to book enthusiasts who love being ahead of the curve and getting their hands on the latest literary works.


1. How do I become a BOTM member?
To become a BOTM member, simply visit their website and sign up for a subscription. There are different subscription plans available, ranging from monthly to annual options. Once you’ve selected your plan, you’ll have access to the monthly selections and can start choosing your books.

2. Can I skip a month if none of the selections interest me?
Yes, BOTM allows members to skip a month if they’re not interested in any of the featured books. Skipping a month is easy, and you won’t be charged for that particular month. However, it’s worth noting that skipping a month means you won’t receive a book for that period.

3. Can I choose more than one book per month?
As a BOTM member, you can choose one book from the monthly selections as part of your subscription. However, if you’re interested in more than one book, you have the option to add-on additional titles for a small fee. This allows you to expand your reading list and enjoy multiple books each month.

4. Are BOTM selections only available in hardcover?
BOTM selections are primarily released in hardcover editions. This is because the platform focuses on offering new releases, and hardcovers are typically the first format available for new books. However, occasionally, BOTM may include a paperback edition in their selections.

5. Can I gift a BOTM subscription to someone?
Absolutely! A BOTM subscription makes for a thoughtful and exciting gift for any book lover. You can easily gift a subscription to a friend or family member by selecting the “gift” option on the BOTM website. You can choose the duration of the subscription, and the recipient will receive their chosen book each month.

6. Are BOTM books only available in the United States?
Currently, BOTM is only available to customers within the United States. However, the company has expressed its intention to expand its services to international readers in the future. So, keep an eye out for any updates regarding international availability.


BOTM releases new books on the first of every month, offering subscribers the opportunity to dive into fresh literary works before they hit the shelves. With a user-friendly interface and a diverse selection of genres, BOTM caters to the varying tastes of book enthusiasts. Whether you’re a fiction lover or enjoy exploring different genres, BOTM provides an exciting way to discover and delve into new releases. So, mark your calendars, keep an eye on their website, and get ready to expand your reading horizons with BOTM.

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