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Title: What Would the Rockefellers Do: A Book Review


In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, it is essential to seek guidance from those who have achieved tremendous success. The book “What Would the Rockefellers Do” by Garrett B. Gunderson and Barry H. Dyke offers a unique perspective on financial prosperity and provides invaluable lessons from one of the most prominent business families in history. This article will delve into the principles and insights presented in the book, as well as address frequently asked questions.

Book Overview

“What Would the Rockefellers Do” takes readers on a journey through the financial wisdom of the Rockefeller family, whose wealth and influence have stood the test of time. The authors begin by emphasizing the importance of adopting a mindset focused on long-term wealth accumulation rather than short-term gains. They present a series of principles and strategies that the Rockefellers employed to build and sustain their vast riches.

The book offers a step-by-step guide to understanding and implementing these principles, ranging from the importance of financial education to tax minimization strategies. The authors also emphasize the significance of building relationships and leveraging one’s network to create opportunities for success.

Key Lessons from the Rockefellers

1. Strategic Wealth Accumulation: The Rockefellers understood the power of compound growth and emphasized the importance of investing in assets that generate passive income. Their approach involved diversifying investments and making informed decisions based on thorough research.

2. Legacy Planning: The book emphasizes the significance of creating a legacy that extends beyond one’s lifetime. The Rockefellers were known for their philanthropic efforts, and the authors encourage readers to consider how they can make a positive impact on future generations.

3. Tax Efficiency: The Rockefellers were masters at minimizing their tax obligations legally. The book provides insights into various strategies that individuals can employ to optimize their tax position, enabling them to redirect more funds towards wealth accumulation.

4. Wealth Education: The authors highlight the importance of continuous learning about finance and investing. They encourage readers to seek out financial education and take control of their financial future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is this book only for individuals with significant wealth?

No, the book is relevant to anyone seeking financial prosperity. The principles presented can be applied at various stages of one’s financial journey, from those just starting out to seasoned investors.

2. Are the strategies presented in the book applicable to today’s economic climate?

Yes, the authors have taken care to ensure the strategies discussed are adaptable to the current economic landscape. While the specifics may vary, the core principles remain relevant and valuable.

3. Can I implement these strategies without the help of financial advisors?

The book provides a comprehensive guide to understanding and implementing the strategies. However, it is crucial to consult with professionals who can provide tailored advice based on your individual circumstances.

4. How does this book differ from other finance and wealth-building guides?

“What Would the Rockefellers Do” stands out due to its unique perspective, drawing inspiration from one of the most successful families in history. The authors provide practical advice and strategies, backed by real-life examples and successes of the Rockefellers.


“What Would the Rockefellers Do” is a compelling book that distills the financial wisdom of one of the most illustrious families in history. The authors provide valuable insights and strategies that can be applied by individuals seeking long-term financial success. By adopting the principles outlined in the book, readers can gain a fresh perspective on wealth accumulation, legacy planning, and tax efficiency. Whether you are just starting your financial journey or looking to optimize your existing wealth, this book offers a wealth of knowledge and practical guidance.

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