What to Serve at Book Club

What to Serve at Book Club

Book clubs offer a fantastic opportunity for bibliophiles to come together, discuss their favorite novels, and enjoy each other’s company. While the focus of these gatherings is primarily on the books, it’s always a good idea to offer some delectable treats to enhance the overall experience. Planning the perfect menu for a book club can be a delightful challenge, so here are some ideas to help you decide what to serve at your next book club meeting.

1. Finger Foods and Appetizers:
When it comes to book club refreshments, finger foods and appetizers are always a safe bet. They are easy to eat and allow guests to continue engaging in conversation without interruption. Consider serving a variety of bite-sized snacks such as vegetable and fruit skewers, cheese and cracker platters, mini quiches, stuffed mushrooms, or bruschetta. These light options will keep your guests satisfied without filling them up too much.

2. Tea and Coffee:
A book club gathering wouldn’t be complete without a selection of hot beverages. Offer an assortment of aromatic teas and freshly brewed coffee to cater to different preferences. Provide a range of options, including herbal teas, black teas, and flavored coffees, and don’t forget to include sugar, honey, lemon slices, and milk as accompaniments.

3. Sweet Treats:
Indulge your book club members with some sweet treats to satisfy their cravings. Bake a batch of cookies, such as chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, or sugar cookies. You can also offer mini cupcakes, brownies, or a platter of assorted pastries. If you have the time and inclination, try your hand at making a homemade pie or tart, which will surely impress your guests.

4. Wine and Cheese:
For a more sophisticated book club gathering, consider serving a selection of wines and a cheese platter. Choose a variety of red, white, and rosé wines to cater to different preferences. Accompany the wine with an assortment of cheeses like brie, cheddar, gouda, and blue cheese. You can also include some grapes, olives, and crackers to complement the flavors.

5. Healthy Options:
If your book club members prefer healthier options, offer a range of nutritious snacks. Prepare a vegetable platter with various dips like hummus or ranch dressing. Alternatively, create a fruit salad with an assortment of fresh and seasonal fruits. Consider serving whole grain crackers and low-fat cheese as well. These options will not only cater to health-conscious guests but also provide a refreshing balance to the menu.


1. Should I ask attendees about their dietary restrictions?
It’s always a good idea to ask book club attendees about any dietary restrictions or allergies they may have. This will allow you to plan a menu that caters to everyone’s needs, ensuring everyone feels included and can enjoy the refreshments without worries.

2. How much food should I prepare?
The amount of food you should prepare largely depends on the number of attendees and the duration of the book club meeting. As a general rule, plan for 3-4 finger foods or appetizers per person if the gathering is during mealtime. If it’s a shorter meeting, 2-3 items per person should suffice. Adjust the quantity accordingly based on your knowledge of your book club members’ appetites.

3. Can I ask attendees to bring a dish?
Absolutely! Potluck-style book club meetings can be a fun and interactive way to try different dishes. To ensure a diverse spread, create a sign-up sheet where attendees can volunteer to bring specific items. This way, you can coordinate the menu and avoid any duplicate dishes.

4. Should I provide non-alcoholic beverage options?
While it’s important to offer non-alcoholic beverage options to cater to various preferences and dietary restrictions, it’s not necessary to provide a wide range. Offering water, tea, and coffee along with the alcoholic beverages should be sufficient. However, if you have specific requests or know your guests prefer non-alcoholic options, consider providing a few more choices such as flavored water or sparkling juices.

5. Can I theme the menu based on the book being discussed?
Absolutely! Themed menus can add an extra element of fun to book club meetings. If the book being discussed has a particular cuisine or dish mentioned, try incorporating it into your menu. For example, if the book is set in Italy, serve bruschetta, pasta salad, and tiramisu. Themed menus can make the gathering more immersive and engaging for everyone involved.

In conclusion, deciding what to serve at a book club meeting involves considering the preferences and dietary restrictions of your attendees. From finger foods and appetizers to tea and coffee, sweet treats, wine and cheese, and healthy options, there are plenty of menu ideas to choose from. Don’t forget to ask about dietary restrictions, adjust the quantity of food based on the number of attendees, and consider potluck-style gatherings or themed menus for added enjoyment. With delicious refreshments, your book club meetings will surely be a delightful experience for all.

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