What Is the Order of Adriana Trigiani Books

What Is the Order of Adriana Trigiani Books?

Adriana Trigiani is a renowned Italian-American author known for her captivating storytelling and colorful characters. With a career spanning over two decades, Trigiani has penned numerous novels that have captivated readers around the world. If you’re new to Trigiani’s work and wondering where to start, this article will guide you through the order of her books and provide some frequently asked questions about her writing.

1. “Big Stone Gap” Series:
– “Big Stone Gap” (2000): This debut novel introduces us to Ave Maria Mulligan, a pharmacist living in a small Appalachian town in Virginia. Follow her journey of self-discovery, love, and community in a charming and heartwarming story.
– “Big Cherry Holler” (2001): The second installment of the series continues Ave Maria’s story as she faces new challenges, including marital issues and the return of a long-lost love.
– “Milk Glass Moon” (2002): In the final book of the series, Ave Maria navigates the complexities of motherhood, family, and friendship while contemplating her future.

2. “Valentine” Series:
– “Very Valentine” (2009): Meet Valentine Roncalli, a woman passionate about her family’s shoemaking business. Follow her journey as she travels to Italy, falls in love, and faces family drama.
– “Brava, Valentine” (2010): In the second book, Valentine struggles to balance her personal and professional life while trying to save her family’s business.
– “The Supreme Macaroni Company” (2013): The final installment follows Valentine’s journey as she makes important life decisions while dealing with family secrets and unexpected events.

3. “The Shoemaker’s Wife” (2012): Inspired by Trigiani’s own family history, this sweeping historical novel takes readers from the Italian Alps to New York City, following the lives of Ciro and Enza, two young immigrants whose love endures through the tumultuous early 20th century.

4. “The Queen of the Big Time” (2004): Set in the Italian-American community of Roseto, Pennsylvania, this novel tells the story of Nella Castelluca, a young woman pursuing her dreams and finding love amidst the challenges of her immigrant family.

5. “All the Stars in the Heavens” (2015): Based on the real-life love affair between Loretta Young and Clark Gable, this novel takes readers into the glitz and glamour of Hollywood’s golden age, exploring the sacrifices and scandals of the era.

6. “The Soprano Sorceress” Series:
– “The Soprano Sorceress” (1997): In a departure from Trigiani’s usual contemporary fiction, this fantasy novel introduces readers to the magical world of Euterpe, where a talented singer finds herself transported to a war-torn land.
– “The Soprano Sorceress: Second Movement” (1998): The second book continues the tale of the singing sorceress as she faces new challenges and battles.

7. Other Standalone Novels:
– “Lucia, Lucia” (2003): Set in 1950s New York City, this novel follows Lucia Sartori, a young Italian-American seamstress, as she navigates love, career aspirations, and family obligations.
– “Rococo” (2005): This comedic novel tells the story of Bartolomeo di Crespi, an Italian immigrant who becomes an eccentric decorator in New York City.
– “Viola in Reel Life” (2009): Trigiani’s foray into young adult fiction, this novel follows Viola Chesterton as she navigates boarding school life and discovers her true passions.

FAQs about Adriana Trigiani Books:

Q: Are Adriana Trigiani’s books interconnected?
A: While some of Trigiani’s books feature recurring characters or settings, most of them can be enjoyed as standalone novels without any prior reading.

Q: What genre does Adriana Trigiani typically write in?
A: Trigiani’s novels often fall into the genres of women’s fiction, historical fiction, and romance, with occasional ventures into fantasy and young adult fiction.

Q: Are there any film or TV adaptations of Trigiani’s books?
A: Yes, some of Trigiani’s novels have been adapted for the screen. Notably, “Big Stone Gap” was made into a film in 2014, with Trigiani herself directing and Ashley Judd starring as Ave Maria Mulligan.

Q: Does Adriana Trigiani have any upcoming books?
A: As of now, Trigiani has not announced any upcoming novels. However, her dedicated fan base eagerly anticipates her next literary offering.

In conclusion, Adriana Trigiani’s books offer a delightful blend of heartwarming storytelling, rich characters, and vivid settings. Whether you choose to start with her popular series or dive into one of her standalone novels, you’re bound to be swept away by Trigiani’s enchanting narratives.

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