What Is John Grisham’s Latest Book Called

What Is John Grisham’s Latest Book Called?

Renowned author John Grisham is back with yet another gripping legal thriller that will leave readers on the edge of their seats. Titled “Sooley,” Grisham’s latest book takes a slightly different direction from his usual courtroom dramas, exploring the world of basketball and the pursuit of dreams.

“Sooley” follows the story of Samuel Sooleymon, a talented young basketball player from South Sudan. Raised in a war-torn country, Samuel’s life takes an unexpected turn when he receives a scholarship to play college basketball in the United States. However, tragedy strikes when his family becomes victims of civil war violence, leaving Samuel grappling with grief and a sense of responsibility to his loved ones.

As Samuel immerses himself in the world of American basketball, he faces numerous challenges and obstacles on and off the court. Grisham weaves a tale of determination, resilience, and the power of sports to transform lives. The book explores themes of identity, family, and the pursuit of one’s passions, while also shedding light on the struggles faced by refugees in war-torn countries.

Grisham’s ability to create realistic and relatable characters shines through in “Sooley.” Samuel’s journey is filled with heartache and triumph, as he navigates the complex world of college basketball, grapples with his past, and fights to secure a better future for himself and his family. Through his vivid storytelling, Grisham captures the essence of the human spirit and the will to overcome adversity.

The book has received acclaim from both critics and readers alike. Grisham’s masterful storytelling and attention to detail have once again captivated audiences, and “Sooley” has quickly become a must-read for fans of the author’s work. With its compelling plot and engaging characters, the novel has garnered praise for its ability to keep readers hooked from start to finish.


1. When was “Sooley” released?

“Sooley” was released on April 27, 2021. It is Grisham’s most recent publication.

2. Is “Sooley” a legal thriller like Grisham’s previous works?

No, “Sooley” deviates from Grisham’s usual genre of legal thrillers. Instead, it delves into the world of basketball and focuses on the journey of a young athlete.

3. What inspired Grisham to write “Sooley”?

Grisham has expressed his love for basketball and his desire to explore the impact the sport can have on individuals’ lives. He was also inspired by the stories of Sudanese refugees and their struggles to overcome adversity.

4. Can I enjoy “Sooley” if I’m not a basketball fan?

Absolutely! While basketball serves as a central theme in the novel, the story delves into broader themes of resilience, family, and the pursuit of dreams. Grisham’s storytelling transcends the sport, making it a compelling read for both basketball enthusiasts and general fiction lovers.

5. Are there any plans to adapt “Sooley” into a movie or TV series?

As of now, there have been no official announcements regarding the adaptation of “Sooley” into a visual medium. However, given Grisham’s previous success in having his books transformed into films and TV series, it wouldn’t be surprising if “Sooley” follows suit in the future.

In conclusion, John Grisham’s latest book, “Sooley,” takes readers on an emotional journey through the world of basketball, resilience, and the pursuit of dreams. With its captivating plot and well-rounded characters, the novel showcases Grisham’s storytelling prowess and ability to tackle different genres. Whether you are a fan of his legal thrillers or simply enjoy compelling fiction, “Sooley” is a must-read that will leave a lasting impression.

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