What Did Beverly Do to Eddie in the Book

Title: What Did Beverly Do to Eddie in the Book?


Stephen King’s novel, “It,” has captivated readers for decades with its chilling tale of a malevolent entity terrorizing the town of Derry, Maine. Within this haunting story, the Losers’ Club, a group of determined kids, confront their fears and battle the monstrous “It.” One of the most memorable and controversial moments in the book involves Beverly Marsh and Eddie Kaspbrak. This article aims to explore what Beverly does to Eddie in the book, shedding light on this pivotal scene and its implications.

The Controversial Scene:

In “It,” Beverly Marsh plays a significant role as one of the Losers’ Club members. Throughout the story, she forms a deep bond with Eddie Kaspbrak, a timid and hypochondriac boy. However, one crucial scene has generated controversy among readers due to its graphic and unsettling nature.

In this scene, the Losers’ Club finds themselves in the sewers beneath Derry, facing off against the terrifying entity known as Pennywise. As the tension rises, Beverly realizes that the only way to protect her friends is to utilize the power of belief. In a shocking turn of events, she kisses Eddie passionately, an act that defies the boundaries of their innocent friendship.

The implications of Beverly’s actions are profound and multi-faceted. Some readers interpret the kiss as an act of pure desperation, a plea for survival amidst the horrors of Pennywise. Others argue that the kiss represents a moment of genuine emotional connection between Beverly and Eddie, fueled by the intensity of their shared fear and the adrenaline of the battle.


1. Why did Beverly kiss Eddie?
Beverly kissed Eddie as a desperate attempt to channel the power of belief and unity among the Losers’ Club. It served as a symbolic act to strengthen their bond and fuel their fight against Pennywise.

2. Was the kiss consensual?
The context surrounding the kiss is complex. While Eddie initially appears shocked and confused, the scene does not explicitly indicate his consent or lack thereof. Readers have varying interpretations of this moment, with some perceiving it as an act of love, while others see it as a desperate attempt to motivate the group.

3. How did Eddie react to the kiss?
Eddie’s immediate reaction to the kiss is not extensively explored in the book. However, it is worth noting that the Losers’ Club, as a whole, remained focused on their mission to defeat Pennywise, suggesting that Eddie’s response was likely overshadowed by the urgency of the situation.

4. Did the kiss have any long-term effects on Eddie and Beverly’s relationship?
While the book does not explicitly delve into the aftermath of the kiss, it is clear that Beverly and Eddie’s bond evolves throughout the course of the story. Their shared experience in the sewers undoubtedly strengthens their connection, shaping their individual character development and the dynamics within the Losers’ Club.


Beverly Marsh’s actions towards Eddie Kaspbrak in the book “It” remain a subject of debate among readers. The controversial scene where Beverly kisses Eddie serves as a turning point in the story, highlighting the characters’ vulnerability and the lengths they are willing to go to defeat the malevolent entity haunting Derry.

Understanding the context and implications of this scene helps unravel the complexity of Beverly and Eddie’s relationship. While the kiss is not explicitly explored in-depth, it serves as a catalyst, uniting the Losers’ Club and strengthening their resolve to face their fears head-on.

“It” continues to captivate audiences with its blend of horror and deep character exploration. This particular scene involving Beverly and Eddie adds another layer of complexity to the story, leaving readers with lasting questions and stimulating discussions about the characters’ motivations, connections, and the power of belief in the face of unimaginable evil.

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