What Colleen Hoover Books Are Series

What Colleen Hoover Books Are Series?

Colleen Hoover is a renowned author known for her captivating and emotionally charged romance novels. She has written several series that have garnered a massive following among readers worldwide. In this article, we will explore some of the popular series by Colleen Hoover and delve into what makes them so intriguing and beloved by fans.

1. Slammed Series:
The Slammed series consists of three books: “Slammed,” “Point of Retreat,” and “This Girl.” Set in the world of slam poetry, the series follows the story of Layken and Will, two young individuals who face numerous obstacles in their pursuit of love. The series beautifully captures the complexities of relationships, grief, and second chances.

2. Hopeless Series:
The Hopeless series includes two books: “Hopeless” and “Losing Hope.” This emotionally charged duology revolves around Sky, a high school girl with a troubled past, and Holder, a boy who seems to know more about her than himself. The series explores themes of love, loss, and the power of healing.

3. Maybe Series:
The Maybe series consists of two books: “Maybe Someday” and “Maybe Now.” The first book follows Sydney, who discovers her boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend, and Ridge, a talented musician. Through their shared love for music, they find solace and a unique connection. The second book is a novella that provides a deeper insight into the characters’ lives after the events of the first book.

4. It Ends With Us:
“It Ends With Us” is a standalone novel that deals with the sensitive subject of domestic violence. The story follows Lily, a young woman who falls in love with a charming neurosurgeon named Ryle. However, as their relationship progresses, Lily finds herself faced with difficult choices and the need to confront her past.

5. Verity:
“Verity” is another standalone novel that explores the dark side of human nature. Lowen Ashleigh, a struggling writer, is hired to complete a bestselling author’s series after an accident leaves her unable to write. As Lowen delves into the author’s notes, she uncovers shocking secrets that unravel the truth about Verity.


1. Are Colleen Hoover’s books only romance novels?
While Colleen Hoover is primarily known for her romance novels, her books often touch upon various genres and explore deeper themes such as loss, trauma, and personal growth. Her storytelling goes beyond traditional romance, making her novels appeal to a broader audience.

2. Can the series be read as standalone novels?
Most of Colleen Hoover’s series can be read as standalone novels, as each book focuses on different characters and storylines. However, reading the books in order will provide a more comprehensive understanding of the overall story arcs and character development.

3. Are Colleen Hoover’s books suitable for young adult readers?
Colleen Hoover’s books are often categorized as new adult fiction, which means they are targeted towards readers aged 18 and above. While some of her books may contain mature themes and explicit content, they also explore important issues relevant to young adult readers.

4. What sets Colleen Hoover’s books apart from other romance novels?
Colleen Hoover’s ability to evoke deep emotions in her readers sets her apart from other romance novelists. Her characters are relatable and flawed, and she delves into complex topics with sensitivity and authenticity. Her books often have unexpected plot twists that keep readers hooked until the very end.

In conclusion, Colleen Hoover has created a remarkable collection of series and standalone novels that touch the hearts of readers. Her ability to create compelling characters and explore profound themes makes her books truly remarkable. Whether you are a fan of romance or enjoy thought-provoking storytelling, Colleen Hoover’s books are a must-read.

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