What Book Was Belle Reading

What Book Was Belle Reading?

In the enchanting world of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast,” one cannot help but be captivated by Belle’s love for books. Whether it is her father’s workshop or the Beast’s grand library, Belle finds solace and adventure within the realms of literature. However, there is one book that stands out amongst the collection – the one she reads while strolling through the village square. So, what book was Belle reading?

The book that Belle reads in the opening scene of “Beauty and the Beast” is a classic French fairy tale called “La Belle et la Bête,” which translates to “Beauty and the Beast.” This book, written by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont, was first published in 1756 and has since become a beloved tale of love, sacrifice, and redemption.


Q: Is “La Belle et la Bête” the same as the Disney movie?
A: While the Disney movie draws inspiration from the original fairy tale, it does have some differences. The movie adds depth to the characters, introduces new songs, and alters certain aspects of the story. However, the core message of true love and inner beauty remains the same.

Q: Is “La Belle et la Bête” available in English?
A: Yes, the fairy tale has been translated into English by various authors. One of the most popular translations is by Andrew Lang in his collection of fairy tales titled “The Blue Fairy Book.” This translation has made the story accessible to English-speaking readers worldwide.

Q: Are there any other notable adaptations of “La Belle et la Bête”?
A: Yes, “La Belle et la Bête” has inspired numerous adaptations across different mediums. One notable adaptation is the 1946 French film directed by Jean Cocteau, which is hailed as a masterpiece of French cinema. Additionally, there have been stage productions, ballets, and even contemporary retellings that have been inspired by this timeless tale.

Q: Why is “La Belle et la Bête” significant in the context of “Beauty and the Beast”?
A: “La Belle et la Bête” holds a special place in the narrative of “Beauty and the Beast” as it serves as a meta-reference within the story. By having Belle read the same fairy tale, it emphasizes her connection to the themes explored in the overall narrative. It also reinforces the idea that literature has the power to inspire and change lives.

Q: What are the themes explored in “La Belle et la Bête”?
A: Like “Beauty and the Beast,” the original fairy tale delves into themes of love, inner beauty, and the transformative power of kindness. It challenges societal norms and reminds readers that true beauty lies within a person’s character rather than their outward appearance. It also emphasizes the importance of looking beyond the surface and finding value and compassion in others.

Q: How does Belle’s love for books contribute to her character development?
A: Belle’s love for books symbolizes her thirst for knowledge, adventure, and the desire to escape the confines of her small village. It sets her apart from others and highlights her intelligence and curiosity. Her love for books also acts as a catalyst for her relationship with the Beast, as it is through their shared love of literature that they find common ground and eventually develop a deep connection.

In conclusion, the book that Belle reads in the opening scene of “Beauty and the Beast” is “La Belle et la Bête” – a classic French fairy tale by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont. This book not only holds significance within the context of the Disney movie but also explores timeless themes of love, inner beauty, and the transformative power of kindness. Belle’s love for books further contributes to her character development and acts as a catalyst for her relationship with the Beast. “La Belle et la Bête” continues to enchant readers and viewers, reminding us of the enduring power of storytelling.

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