What Book Is After the Blood of Olympus

What Book Is After the Blood of Olympus?

The Blood of Olympus, written by Rick Riordan, is the fifth and final installment in the popular young adult series, The Heroes of Olympus. This thrilling novel concludes the epic adventure of seven demigods as they unite to save the world from the impending destruction caused by Gaea, the Earth goddess. However, the question that arises for fans of the series is, what book is to be read after The Blood of Olympus?

After the exhilarating conclusion of The Blood of Olympus, fans of Rick Riordan’s mythological world will be delighted to know that the adventure continues in the Trials of Apollo series. This new series, set in the same universe as The Heroes of Olympus and Percy Jackson & The Olympians, follows the god Apollo as he is stripped of his immortality and cast down to Earth as a mortal teenager named Lester Papadopoulos. The Trials of Apollo series offers a fresh perspective, introducing new characters while also bringing back beloved characters from previous books.

The Trials of Apollo is a five-book series, with four books currently released. The first book, The Hidden Oracle, takes readers on an exhilarating journey as Apollo, accompanied by the demigod Meg McCaffrey, must navigate the dangers of modern-day New York City and complete a series of trials to regain his place on Mount Olympus.

The second book, The Dark Prophecy, sees Apollo and Meg journeying across the United States to find the second emperor of the Triumvirate, who threatens the safety of Camp Half-Blood. Along the way, they encounter new allies and face dangerous adversaries, all while Apollo grapples with his newfound humanity.

The third book, The Burning Maze, takes readers deeper into the trials of Apollo as he ventures into the Labyrinth, facing perilous challenges and uncovering dark secrets. With the help of his friends, Apollo must confront his past and confront the evil forces that threaten the future of the world.

The fourth book, The Tyrant’s Tomb, sees Apollo and Meg facing new challenges at Camp Jupiter, the Roman demigod training ground. As they navigate the treacherous world of Roman demigods, they must confront a ruthless enemy and prevent a catastrophic war.

Fans of The Heroes of Olympus will be thrilled to reunite with familiar characters like Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, and Nico di Angelo in the Trials of Apollo series. Rick Riordan’s signature blend of humor, action, and mythology continues to captivate readers as they delve deeper into this exciting new chapter of the demigod world.


Q: Do I need to read The Heroes of Olympus series before starting The Trials of Apollo?

A: While it is not necessary to read The Heroes of Olympus series before diving into The Trials of Apollo, it is highly recommended. The Trials of Apollo series builds upon the events and character development established in The Heroes of Olympus, providing a richer reading experience for fans.

Q: Will there be more books in The Trials of Apollo series?

A: Yes, there is one more book expected to be released in The Trials of Apollo series. The fifth and final book, titled The Tower of Nero, is set to be published in the fall of 2020. Fans eagerly anticipate this conclusion to Apollo’s journey and the resolution of the overarching plot.

Q: Will there be a crossover between The Trials of Apollo and Percy Jackson & The Olympians?

A: While there are no confirmed plans for a direct crossover between The Trials of Apollo and Percy Jackson & The Olympians, fans can still expect appearances and interactions between characters from both series. Rick Riordan has a knack for intertwining his various series, creating a cohesive and interconnected mythological universe.

In conclusion, for those wondering what book to read after The Blood of Olympus, the answer lies in The Trials of Apollo series. This exciting continuation of Rick Riordan’s mythological universe offers readers a fresh perspective and new adventures with beloved characters. Dive into this thrilling series and embark on a journey with Apollo as he faces trials, battles enemies, and rediscovers his place in the world of gods and demigods.

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