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In Free the Children: Empowering Youth to Change the World


In a world where inequality and social issues persist, organizations like Free the Children are making a significant impact. Free the Children is a global movement empowering young people to tackle local and global issues, enabling them to become agents of change. This article will delve into the history, mission, and impact of Free the Children, highlighting their innovative approach to creating a better world. Additionally, a FAQs section will address common inquiries regarding the organization.


Free the Children was founded in 1995 by Craig Kielburger, a 12-year-old Canadian boy who was deeply moved by the story of Iqbal Masih, a Pakistani child laborer and activist who was tragically murdered for speaking out against child labor. Craig was determined to take action and raise awareness about child labor and other social injustices affecting children worldwide. Alongside his brother Marc Kielburger, Craig started Free the Children as a small group of passionate youth activists.

Mission and Approach:

The mission of Free the Children is to create a world where all children, regardless of their circumstances, have access to education, healthcare, and the opportunity to reach their fullest potential. They firmly believe in the power of young people to make a difference and emphasize youth empowerment as a catalyst for change.

Free the Children follows a unique approach called “Adopt a Village,” where they partner with communities in developing countries to address their specific needs. They work closely with local leaders and community members, ensuring that solutions are sustainable and culturally appropriate. Their holistic approach includes programs focused on education, healthcare, clean water, alternative income, and food security. By addressing these fundamental areas, Free the Children creates a foundation for communities to thrive.

Impact and Achievements:

Over the years, Free the Children has made remarkable strides in improving the lives of countless children around the world. They have built over 1,000 schools, providing access to quality education for thousands of children. Through their healthcare initiatives, they have trained healthcare workers and established medical facilities in remote areas, ensuring that children receive essential medical care.

The organization’s focus on clean water and sanitation has resulted in the installation of thousands of water wells and toilets in communities lacking access to these basic necessities. By providing alternative income opportunities, Free the Children helps families break the cycle of poverty and gain financial independence.

Additionally, Free the Children has led several global campaigns, such as We Day, which brings together young people from around the world to celebrate their achievements and inspire further action. They have also advocated for children’s rights at international forums, influencing policies and creating awareness about the issues faced by marginalized communities.


1. How can I get involved with Free the Children?

Free the Children offers various opportunities for individuals to get involved. You can become a volunteer, participate in fundraising events, or donate to support their initiatives. Visit their website to explore the different ways you can contribute.

2. Is Free the Children a registered charity?

Yes, Free the Children is a registered charity in Canada and the United States. They have a strong reputation for transparency and accountability.

3. Can I sponsor a child through Free the Children?

Yes, Free the Children offers child sponsorship programs that allow you to make a direct impact on a child’s life. Through sponsorship, you can provide education, healthcare, and other essential support to a child in need.

4. How does Free the Children ensure the sustainability of their projects?

Free the Children’s Adopt a Village approach focuses on long-term sustainability. They collaborate with local communities, empowering them to take ownership of the projects and develop the skills necessary for their maintenance and success.


Free the Children has emerged as a leading force in youth empowerment and social change. By prioritizing education, healthcare, and community development, the organization has successfully transformed the lives of countless children and their families. Through their innovative approach and commitment to sustainability, Free the Children continues to inspire young people worldwide to become active global citizens, creating a brighter future for all.

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