How to Read Colleen Hoover Books in Order

How to Read Colleen Hoover Books in Order: A Comprehensive Guide

Colleen Hoover is a highly acclaimed author known for her heart-wrenching and emotionally charged novels. With numerous bestsellers under her belt, it’s no wonder that her readers are always eager to dive into her captivating stories. However, with a vast collection of books, it can be challenging to know where to start or how to read them in chronological order. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to read Colleen Hoover books in order, ensuring that you don’t miss a single moment of her extraordinary storytelling. We will also address some commonly asked questions to enhance your reading experience.

1. Start with “Slammed” (Slammed Series #1):
Colleen Hoover’s debut novel, “Slammed,” is the perfect place to begin your journey. This beautifully written story introduces us to Layken and Will, two young people brought together by fate. The Slammed series consists of three books, so make sure to read the subsequent titles, “Point of Retreat” and “This Girl,” to complete the series.

2. Move on to the “Hopeless” Series:
After the Slammed series, immerse yourself in the “Hopeless” series, starting with the book of the same name. Follow the intense and emotional journey of Sky and Dean Holder as their lives intertwine. The series continues with “Losing Hope,” which gives readers Holder’s perspective on their story.

3. Explore the “Maybe Someday” Series:
“Maybe Someday” is a standalone novel that tells the story of Sydney and Ridge. Dive into the complexities of their relationship as they navigate love, friendship, and music. You can also enhance your reading experience by listening to the original soundtrack, which complements the book.

4. Continue with the “Never Never” Series:
The “Never Never” series is a collaboration between Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher. This gripping trilogy follows the story of Charlie and Silas, two teenagers who wake up one day with no memory of their past. Dive into this mystery-filled series, starting with “Never Never,” followed by “Never Never: Part Two,” and concluding with “Never Never: Part Three.”

5. Delve into the “It Ends with Us” Standalone:
“It Ends with Us” is a thought-provoking and emotionally charged story that explores the complexities of love and the power of forgiveness. This standalone novel is highly regarded as one of Colleen Hoover’s most powerful works.

6. Immerse yourself in the “Confess” Standalone:
“Confess” is another standalone novel that delves into the lives of Auburn and Owen. This captivating story revolves around confessions, art, and the power of secrets. The book was also adapted into a TV series, which adds an extra dimension to the storytelling.

7. Discover the “All Your Perfects” Standalone:
“All Your Perfects” is a deeply moving novel that explores the complexities of marriage and the impact of infertility. Dive into the lives of Quinn and Graham as they face unimaginable challenges and try to find their way back to each other.


Q: Are Colleen Hoover’s books interconnected?
A: While some of Colleen Hoover’s books are standalone novels, many of them are interconnected, with characters making appearances in different stories. It’s always a delight for fans to recognize familiar faces and see how their stories unfold.

Q: Can I read Colleen Hoover’s books out of order?
A: While you can certainly read Colleen Hoover’s books out of order, we recommend following the chronological order to fully appreciate the character development and interconnected storylines. However, each book can be enjoyed on its own merits.

Q: Are there any upcoming releases from Colleen Hoover?
A: Colleen Hoover continues to amaze readers with her new releases. Stay updated by following her on social media or visiting her official website for the latest news on her upcoming books.

In conclusion, reading Colleen Hoover’s books in order allows you to fully immerse yourself in her captivating storytelling and witness the growth of her characters. From the heart-wrenching Slammed series to the thought-provoking standalones, each book offers a unique and emotional experience. By following this comprehensive guide and exploring the recommended reading order, you will embark on an unforgettable journey through the world of Colleen Hoover. Enjoy the ride!

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