How to Get Arcs of Books

Title: How to Get Arcs of Books: A Comprehensive Guide


Book lovers, aspiring writers, and influential book reviewers all have one thing in common – the desire to get their hands on Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) of books. ARCs give readers a chance to access upcoming releases before they hit the shelves, allowing them to provide early feedback and generate buzz. In this article, we will explore various avenues to obtain ARCs, along with some frequently asked questions about this process.

Section 1: Traditional Methods

1.1 Publishers and Literary Agents:
One of the most straightforward ways to acquire ARCs is by contacting publishing houses or literary agents directly. Browse through their websites and look for submission guidelines or request forms. Remember to include a compelling reason why you are interested in the book and how you plan to promote it.

1.2 Bookstores and Libraries:
Local bookstores and libraries often receive ARCs from publishers to help them decide which books to stock. Approach your favorite independent bookstore or librarian and inquire if they have any ARCs available. Offering to write reviews or host book discussions may increase your chances of obtaining these coveted copies.

Section 2: Online Platforms

2.1 NetGalley:
NetGalley is an online platform where publishers, authors, and reviewers converge. Create an account, build your profile, and start requesting ARCs from the extensive title selection available. Ensure your profile reflects your passion for books and your reviewing abilities, as publishers often consider this when approving requests.

2.2 Edelweiss+:
Similar to NetGalley, Edelweiss+ is another popular platform for discovering and requesting ARCs. Here, you can explore forthcoming titles, read reviews, and request copies for review. Building a strong reviewer profile increases the likelihood of receiving approvals.

2.3 Social Media and Blog Tours:
Many authors and publishers use social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to promote their books and offer ARCs to interested individuals. Follow authors, publishers, and book bloggers to stay updated on any ARC giveaways, contests, or blog tour opportunities.

Section 3: Other Approaches

3.1 Book Expos and Conferences:
Book expos and conferences, such as BookExpo America (BEA) and Frankfurt Book Fair, offer a unique opportunity to interact with publishers, authors, and industry professionals. Attend these events to network, make connections, and potentially acquire ARCs directly from publishers’ booths.

3.2 Book Review Blogs:
Book review blogs often receive ARCs from publishers in exchange for unbiased reviews. Start your own book blog or collaborate with established bloggers to build your credibility and increase your chances of receiving ARCs.


Q1: Are ARCs the same as finished copies?
A: ARCs are usually pre-publication editions, often lacking final edits and designs. They are circulated to generate early buzz, gather reviews, and build anticipation for the book’s official release.

Q2: Do I have to write a review after receiving an ARC?
A: While it is not mandatory, writing a review is highly encouraged. Publishers and authors value honest feedback, which helps them gauge the book’s potential success and make necessary improvements.

Q3: How can I increase my chances of receiving ARCs?
A: Focus on building a strong online presence, engage with authors and publishing professionals, and consistently produce quality book reviews. Demonstrating your passion and commitment to the literary community will boost your chances of receiving ARCs.

Q4: Is it ethical to sell ARCs?
A: No, it is generally considered unethical to sell ARCs, as they are meant for promotional purposes and not for resale. However, it is acceptable to give them away to fellow readers or donate them to libraries or charity organizations.


Obtaining ARCs of books can be an exciting endeavor for book lovers, reviewers, and aspiring authors. By leveraging traditional methods, online platforms, and other approaches, you can increase your chances of acquiring these early copies and contribute to the literary community by sharing your thoughts and recommendations. Remember to approach the process ethically and responsibly, keeping the spirit of ARCs intact – promoting upcoming releases and supporting authors and publishers.

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