How Old Was Emma Thompson in Sense and Sensibility

How Old Was Emma Thompson in Sense and Sensibility?

Emma Thompson, the renowned British actress, screenwriter, and author, delivered an unforgettable performance in the beloved period drama “Sense and Sensibility.” Released in 1995, this film adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic novel showcased Thompson’s exceptional talent and garnered critical acclaim, including an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay. As fans of the film continue to appreciate Thompson’s portrayal of Elinor Dashwood, many wonder about her age during the production. Let’s delve into this intriguing question and explore some frequently asked questions about her performance in Sense and Sensibility.


1. How old was Emma Thompson when she played Elinor Dashwood in Sense and Sensibility?
Emma Thompson was born on April 15, 1959, and the film was released in 1995, making her 36 years old during the production.

2. Did Emma Thompson also write the screenplay for Sense and Sensibility?
Yes, Emma Thompson not only acted in Sense and Sensibility but also wrote the screenplay. Her exceptional adaptation won her an Academy Award.

3. What other notable films has Emma Thompson been a part of?
Emma Thompson has had a remarkable career and has been involved in numerous successful films, including “Love Actually,” “Nanny McPhee,” and “Saving Mr. Banks.”

4. How did Emma Thompson prepare for her role as Elinor Dashwood?
To prepare for her role as Elinor Dashwood, Thompson immersed herself in Jane Austen’s works and studied the societal norms and expectations of the Regency era.

5. Did Emma Thompson receive any awards for her performance in Sense and Sensibility?
Although she did not win an acting award for her performance in Sense and Sensibility, Thompson’s screenplay adaptation received immense recognition and acclaim.

6. How was Emma Thompson’s depiction of Elinor Dashwood received by critics and audiences?
Thompson’s portrayal of Elinor Dashwood was highly praised by both critics and audiences alike. Her nuanced performance captured the essence of the character’s resilience and emotional depth.

7. Were there any challenges Emma Thompson faced while playing Elinor Dashwood?
One significant challenge for Thompson was the emotional restraint required to portray Elinor’s reserved nature accurately. However, her exceptional talent allowed her to portray the character’s inner turmoil effectively.

8. Did Emma Thompson’s age affect her portrayal of Elinor Dashwood?
Thompson’s age did not hinder her portrayal of Elinor Dashwood. Her talent allowed her to embody the character’s maturity and wisdom convincingly.

9. How did Emma Thompson’s performance influence the character of Elinor Dashwood?
Thompson’s performance breathed new life into Elinor Dashwood, adding depth and vulnerability to the character that resonated with audiences.

10. Was Emma Thompson the first choice for the role of Elinor Dashwood?
Emma Thompson was initially approached by the film’s director, Ang Lee, to write the screenplay. However, after reading the script, she expressed her desire to play Elinor Dashwood as well.

11. Did Emma Thompson’s performance contribute to the success of Sense and Sensibility?
Absolutely! Thompson’s exceptional acting skills and her ability to bring Elinor Dashwood to life were instrumental in the film’s success.

12. How did Emma Thompson’s performance compare to other adaptations of Sense and Sensibility?
Thompson’s portrayal of Elinor Dashwood is widely regarded as one of the best interpretations of the character, rivaling previous adaptations.

13. Is Emma Thompson’s performance in Sense and Sensibility still celebrated today?
Yes, Thompson’s performance continues to be celebrated as a triumph in the world of period dramas. Her portrayal of Elinor Dashwood remains iconic and beloved by fans worldwide.

In conclusion, Emma Thompson’s age during the production of Sense and Sensibility was 36. Her exceptional performance as Elinor Dashwood, coupled with her remarkable screenplay adaptation, solidified her status as a talented actress and writer. Thompson’s portrayal of Elinor Dashwood continues to captivate audiences and is celebrated as one of the best interpretations of the character.

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