How Many Warriors Books Are There in Total 2022

How Many Warriors Books Are There in Total 2022?

The Warriors book series, written by Erin Hunter, has captivated readers worldwide with its thrilling tales of wild cat clans and their adventures. With its rich world-building and complex characters, the series has gained a massive following. However, with numerous sub-series, novellas, and special editions, it can be challenging to keep track of just how many Warriors books there are in total. In this article, we will explore the different categories of Warriors books and provide an overview of their total number as of 2022.

Main Series:
The main series of Warriors books follows the adventures of various cat clans, beginning with the original series, simply titled “Warriors.” This series, consisting of six books, introduces readers to the world of the clans and centers around Rusty, a domestic cat who ventures into the wild. Following the original series, there have been several recognized arcs, including “The New Prophecy,” “Power of Three,” “Omen of the Stars,” “A Vision of Shadows,” and “The Broken Code.” Each arc comprises six books, bringing the total number of main series books to 42.

Super Editions:
In addition to the main series, Erin Hunter has also written several Super Editions that delve deeper into the backstory of prominent characters. These books provide readers with a more comprehensive understanding of the Warriors universe. As of 2022, there are 16 Super Editions published.

Novellas are shorter stories that explore specific characters or events within the Warriors universe. They often provide additional context and enrich the overall narrative. There are currently 19 novellas published, adding further depth and dimension to the series.

Field Guides:
Field Guides are non-fiction companion books that offer readers an in-depth look at the Warriors world. They provide detailed information about the clans, their territories, and the cats that inhabit them. As of 2022, there are five Field Guides available.

The Warriors series has also been adapted into manga, a Japanese style of graphic novels. These manga books bring the stories to life through stunning artwork and are an excellent option for visual learners or fans of the genre. There are currently seven manga books published.

Special Editions:
Special Editions are unique releases that offer readers a fresh perspective on the Warriors world. They often include additional stories, artwork, or other bonus content. As of 2022, there are four Special Editions available.

Total Number of Books:
Taking into account the main series, Super Editions, novellas, Field Guides, manga, and Special Editions, the total number of Warriors books as of 2022 stands at an impressive 93.


1. Are there any upcoming Warriors books in 2022?
Yes, there are a few upcoming releases scheduled for 2022. These include “The Place of No Stars: A Warrior Cats Graphic Novel” and “Warriors: The Broken Code #7: The Last Hope.”

2. Do I need to read all the Warriors books in order?
While it’s recommended to read the main series in order to fully understand the overarching storyline, you can jump into different arcs or sub-series if a particular storyline interests you.

3. Are the Warriors books suitable for all ages?
The Warriors series is generally recommended for readers aged 8 and above. However, parents should consider the reading level and maturity of their child before allowing them to dive into the series.

4. Can I read the novellas and Super Editions separately from the main series?
Yes, novellas and Super Editions can be enjoyed independently. However, reading the main series first will provide a deeper understanding of the Warriors universe.

5. Are there any plans to continue the Warriors series beyond 2022?
As of now, there have been no official announcements regarding the continuation of the Warriors series beyond 2022. However, given its immense popularity, it wouldn’t be surprising to see more books released in the future.

In conclusion, the Warriors series boasts a vast collection of books that caters to the insatiable appetite of fans craving more adventures in the wild cat clans. With 93 books released to date, including the main series, Super Editions, novellas, Field Guides, manga, and Special Editions, readers have a wealth of material to explore and immerse themselves in the captivating world of Warriors.

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