How Many Umbrella Academy Books Are There

How Many Umbrella Academy Books Are There?

The Umbrella Academy, created by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá, is a popular comic book series that has gained immense popularity since its debut in 2007. The series follows the lives of a dysfunctional family of superheroes who reunite after the death of their adoptive father. With its unique blend of dark humor, complex characters, and intriguing storyline, The Umbrella Academy has captured the hearts of readers worldwide.

If you’re a fan of the series and eager to dive deeper into the world of The Umbrella Academy, you might be wondering just how many books are there in the series. In this article, we will explore the various volumes of The Umbrella Academy, as well as provide answers to some frequently asked questions about the series.

The Umbrella Academy is comprised of three main volumes, each containing multiple issues. Let’s take a closer look at each volume:

1. The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite
This is the first volume of the series, consisting of six issues. It introduces us to the members of The Umbrella Academy, highlighting their individual powers and personalities. The storyline revolves around their efforts to prevent an impending apocalypse. Apocalypse Suite sets the stage for the subsequent volumes, establishing the foundation for the characters and their world.

2. The Umbrella Academy: Dallas
Dallas is the second volume of the series and consists of six issues. It picks up where Apocalypse Suite left off, with the characters dealing with the consequences of their actions. In Dallas, The Umbrella Academy embarks on a mission to prevent another catastrophic event, leading them to face their own personal demons and confront the consequences of their past choices.

3. The Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion
Hotel Oblivion is the third and most recent volume of The Umbrella Academy. It consists of seven issues and continues the story of the dysfunctional superhero family. In this volume, The Umbrella Academy faces new challenges and encounters old foes, as they navigate a mysterious prison known as Hotel Oblivion. Hotel Oblivion further explores the complex dynamics between the characters and delves deeper into their individual backstories.

In addition to these three main volumes, there are also a few other Umbrella Academy publications that fans might be interested in:

– The Umbrella Academy: Free Comic Book Day
This special issue was released on Free Comic Book Day in 2007 and serves as a prequel to Apocalypse Suite. It provides readers with a glimpse into the origins of The Umbrella Academy and their early adventures.

– The Umbrella Academy: Hazel and Cha-Cha Save Christmas
Released in 2019, this one-shot comic is a holiday-themed story featuring two fan-favorite characters, Hazel and Cha-Cha. It offers a fun and festive addition to The Umbrella Academy universe.

– The Umbrella Academy: You Look Like Death
This spin-off series focuses on the character of Klaus Hargreeves, also known as The Séance. It delves into Klaus’s life before the events of The Umbrella Academy and offers a deeper exploration of his character.

– The Umbrella Academy: Netflix Tie-In Editions
With the immense success of The Umbrella Academy Netflix series, tie-in editions of the comics have been released. These editions feature artwork inspired by the show and often include additional content, such as behind-the-scenes information and interviews.


Q: Are there any plans for future volumes of The Umbrella Academy?
A: Yes, Gerard Way, the creator of The Umbrella Academy, has confirmed that he has plans for future volumes. However, no specific release dates have been announced yet.

Q: Can I read The Umbrella Academy comics if I haven’t watched the Netflix series?
A: Absolutely! The comics and the Netflix series have their own unique storytelling styles and offer different perspectives on the characters and their world. Whether you’re a fan of the show or not, the comics provide an engaging and immersive reading experience.

Q: Are the comics suitable for all ages?
A: The Umbrella Academy comics are generally recommended for mature readers due to their dark and sometimes violent themes. While they may contain elements that younger readers might not fully understand or appreciate, older teenagers and adults will likely find them enjoyable.

Q: Will there be more spin-offs or tie-in comics in the future?
A: It is certainly possible. The Umbrella Academy universe has expanded beyond the main series with spin-off comics focusing on individual characters. With the growing popularity of the series, it wouldn’t be surprising to see more spin-offs or tie-ins in the future.

In conclusion, The Umbrella Academy is a captivating comic book series that has garnered a devoted fan base. With three main volumes, as well as several spin-offs and tie-ins, there is plenty of material for fans to delve into. Whether you’re a newcomer to the series or a long-time fan, The Umbrella Academy offers a thrilling and unique reading experience that is sure to leave you wanting more.

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