How Many Books Are in the Selection Series in Order

How Many Books Are in the Selection Series in Order?

The Selection Series is a popular young adult novel series written by Kiera Cass. It takes place in a dystopian world where a selection process is held to choose a bride for the prince. The series is filled with romance, drama, and political intrigue. If you’re a fan of this series or considering starting it, you might be wondering how many books are in the Selection Series and what order to read them in. In this article, we will answer those questions and provide some frequently asked questions about the series.

The Selection Series consists of five novels, as well as several additional novellas and a companion book. Here is the order in which you should read the books:

1. “The Selection” – This is the first book in the series. It introduces us to the main character, America Singer, and the process of the selection. America is one of the girls chosen to compete for Prince Maxon’s heart.

2. “The Elite” – The second book continues America’s journey in the selection process. As the competition intensifies, America finds herself torn between her growing feelings for Prince Maxon and her lingering affection for her childhood sweetheart, Aspen.

3. “The One” – In the third book, the selection comes to an end, and America must make a choice. Will she choose love or the life she has always known?

4. “The Heir” – This is the fourth book in the series, set twenty years after the events of the original trilogy. It follows Princess Eadlyn, America and Maxon’s daughter, as she goes through her own selection process.

5. “The Crown” – The final book in the series concludes Eadlyn’s story as she navigates the challenges of becoming queen and finding love.

In addition to these five novels, there are also four novellas and a companion book that provide additional insights into the characters and events of the series. It is recommended to read them in the following order:

– “The Prince” – This novella gives readers a glimpse into Prince Maxon’s life before the selection began.

– “The Guard” – This novella is told from Aspen’s perspective and provides a deeper understanding of his character.

– “The Queen” – This novella explores the early life of Queen Amberly, Maxon’s mother, and provides insight into the origins of the selection process.

– “The Favorite” – This novella tells the story of Marlee, one of the selected girls, and her forbidden love.

– “Happily Ever After” – This companion book includes all of the novellas mentioned above, as well as bonus content such as interviews and extra scenes.


Q: Do I need to read the novellas and companion book to understand the main series?
A: While the main series can be enjoyed without reading the novellas and companion book, they provide valuable background information and additional perspectives that enhance the overall reading experience.

Q: Is there a specific reading order for the novellas?
A: It is recommended to read the novellas in the order mentioned above as it follows the chronological timeline of the series.

Q: Can the Selection Series be considered a standalone series, or should it be read in its entirety?
A: The Selection Series can be enjoyed as a standalone trilogy, as it wraps up America’s story in “The One.” However, if you want to continue the journey with Eadlyn and explore the expanded universe, it is recommended to read the additional books.

Q: Are there any spin-offs or related books in the Selection Series?
A: At the moment, there are no official spin-offs or related books in the Selection Series. However, Kiera Cass has written other novels and series that fans of the Selection Series might enjoy exploring.

In conclusion, the Selection Series consists of five main novels, four novellas, and a companion book. It is recommended to read the books in the order mentioned above to fully immerse yourself in the world of the selection process and the characters’ journeys. The novellas and companion book provide additional depth and insights into the series, enhancing the overall reading experience. Whether you choose to read the entire series or just the main trilogy, the Selection Series offers a captivating story filled with romance, drama, and intrigue.

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