How Does the Author Portray Scotty in This Excerpt

How Does the Author Portray Scotty in This Excerpt?

In this excerpt, the author portrays Scotty as a young and ambitious individual who is determined to succeed despite his challenging circumstances. The author uses various literary techniques to highlight Scotty’s character traits, his struggles, and his relentless pursuit of his goals.

Firstly, the author describes Scotty as a “young lad with a fire in his eyes.” This phrase immediately captures the reader’s attention and suggests that Scotty possesses a strong passion and desire to achieve something significant. The use of the word “lad” also conveys his youth and innocence, emphasizing that he is at the beginning of his journey.

Furthermore, the author portrays Scotty as someone who is not afraid to take risks. The excerpt mentions that he “bet his last dollar” on a business venture, demonstrating his willingness to embrace uncertainty and invest everything he has in pursuit of his dreams. This showcases his belief in his abilities and his determination to make something out of his life.

The author also presents Scotty as a resilient character who refuses to be discouraged by setbacks. Despite facing numerous challenges and obstacles, Scotty “dusted himself off” and continued moving forward. This resilience suggests that he possesses a strong inner drive and an unwavering commitment to his goals.

Moreover, the author highlights Scotty’s entrepreneurial spirit. The excerpt mentions that he saw “opportunities where others saw none.” This implies that Scotty possesses a unique ability to identify potential business prospects and capitalize on them. This entrepreneurial mindset sets him apart from others and contributes to his success.

Additionally, the author portrays Scotty as someone who is resourceful and adaptable. When faced with a lack of capital, he found innovative ways to finance his ventures, such as borrowing from friends or using personal savings. This resourcefulness demonstrates Scotty’s ability to think outside the box and find solutions to overcome obstacles.

The author also emphasizes Scotty’s humility and gratitude. Despite his achievements, Scotty remains grounded and expresses his appreciation for the support he receives. This humility adds depth to his character and makes him relatable to the readers.

Overall, the author portrays Scotty as a determined, resilient, and resourceful individual with an entrepreneurial spirit. Through vivid descriptions and carefully chosen words, the author effectively captures Scotty’s character traits and his unwavering pursuit of success.


Q: What are some other character traits that the author could have portrayed in Scotty?

A: While the excerpt focuses on Scotty’s determination, resilience, and resourcefulness, the author could have also depicted him as empathetic, compassionate, or charismatic. These traits could add further complexity to Scotty’s character and provide a more nuanced portrayal.

Q: Is Scotty portrayed as a flawless character?

A: No, Scotty is not portrayed as flawless. Although he possesses many admirable qualities, the author also hints at his occasional impulsiveness and the risks he takes. These flaws make him a more realistic and relatable character.

Q: How does the author create a sense of anticipation for Scotty’s future?

A: The author creates a sense of anticipation by highlighting Scotty’s determination and ambition. The mention of him betting his last dollar and his ability to see opportunities where others don’t builds anticipation for the reader to see how Scotty’s story unfolds and whether he will achieve his goals.

Q: How does the author’s portrayal of Scotty impact the overall theme of the excerpt?

A: The author’s portrayal of Scotty as a determined and ambitious individual reinforces the theme of perseverance and the pursuit of dreams. Scotty’s character serves as an inspiration to readers, illustrating that with hard work and determination, one can overcome obstacles and achieve success.

In conclusion, the author skillfully portrays Scotty as a young and ambitious individual with a fire in his eyes. Through vivid descriptions and well-chosen words, the author showcases Scotty’s determination, resilience, resourcefulness, and entrepreneurial spirit. This portrayal adds depth to Scotty’s character and contributes to the overall theme of the excerpt, highlighting the importance of perseverance and the pursuit of dreams.

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