How Do I Exchange a Book on Audible

Title: How Do I Exchange a Book on Audible?


Audible, the popular audiobook platform, offers a vast library of literary treasures for book enthusiasts to enjoy. However, there may be times when a particular book doesn’t quite meet your expectations or fails to capture your interest. In such cases, Audible provides a convenient exchange policy that allows users to swap books hassle-free. In this article, we will guide you through the process of exchanging a book on Audible, ensuring a seamless experience for audiobook enthusiasts. Additionally, we’ll address some frequently asked questions to assist you further.

Exchanging a Book on Audible:

1. Determine eligibility:
Before initiating an exchange, it is essential to understand the eligibility criteria set by Audible. Typically, you can exchange a book within 365 days of its purchase. However, there is a limit of one exchange per audiobook, excluding those acquired through credits in your Audible membership. To check if a book is eligible for exchange, follow these steps:

– Visit the Audible website or open the Audible app.
– Navigate to your Library, where all your audiobooks are listed.
– Locate the book you wish to exchange and click on the “…” button or three vertical dots next to it.
– From the drop-down menu, select “Return” or “Exchange” to check if the book is eligible.

2. Initiate the exchange process:
Once you have confirmed the eligibility of the book, proceed with the exchange process by following these steps:

– Click on the “Return” or “Exchange” option next to the book you wish to exchange.
– Audible will provide a brief survey to understand the reason for the exchange. You can choose an appropriate option or provide additional feedback in the comments section.
– After completing the survey, click on the “Exchange” button to proceed.

3. Receive your credit:
Upon successful completion of the exchange process, Audible will credit your account with the value of the book you returned. This credit can be utilized to acquire another audiobook of your choice.

4. Redownload or repurchase:
Once the exchange is complete, the audiobook you returned will no longer be accessible in your library. However, if you change your mind or wish to listen to the book again in the future, you can repurchase or redownload it at any time.


Q1. How long do I have to exchange a book on Audible?
A: Generally, you can exchange a book within 365 days of its purchase. However, there are exceptions for books acquired through credits in your Audible membership.

Q2. Can I exchange a book more than once?
A: No, Audible’s policy allows for a maximum of one exchange per audiobook, excluding books obtained through credits.

Q3. Can I exchange an audiobook if I am no longer an Audible member?
A: Yes, you can still exchange a book even if you have canceled your Audible membership. However, the eligibility period remains the same (365 days from the date of purchase).

Q4. Can I exchange a book if I didn’t like it?
A: Yes, Audible’s exchange policy allows for book exchanges based on personal preference or if a book fails to meet your expectations.

Q5. How long does it take to receive the credit after exchanging a book?
A: Audible typically credits your account immediately after successfully completing the book exchange process.

Q6. Can I exchange a book if I received it as a gift?
A: If you received the book as a gift, you can exchange it following the same process as books purchased directly.


Audible’s exchange policy ensures that users can easily swap audiobooks that do not meet their expectations. By following a simple process, you can initiate an exchange, receive the credit, and choose another audiobook of your liking. This flexibility allows audiobook enthusiasts to explore various titles without any concerns. Remember to check the eligibility of the book and take advantage of Audible’s generous exchange policy whenever necessary. Happy listening!

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